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" Every artistic work is a work of the soul, and regardless of how a script or a libretto is written, it is my task as a director to bring out the truth and the core of each work, with the spirit of all who are a part of each project"


Stemming from a Classical Music Background, Heather found her Passion for Directing through her many experiences working with Artists and Individuals from all walks of Life - from conducting Choir, to being a Pianist and Classical Singer, and through Opera and Film-related productions. Since 2017, she has been actively involved in assisting and directing staged works, and since 2020, filmic works. She would graduate from the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna with a Magister Degree (mag. art) in Musiktheaterregie (Music Theater Direction) under renowned Directors such as Beverly Blankenship and Michael Sturminger. Her passion to direct has also lead her to forming her own production collective "Production Bohemia", where she works with different youth artists to make stage and film related productions. 

Languages: English, German, Chinese, basic Italian


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